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About This Website

My name is Ondrej Bilčík. I am the grandson of Viktor Bilčík. I live in Bratislava, Slovakia, am 15 years old and currently study in the second year of high school. I attend the MYP program and next year i will start the IBD program.
This site was created as my MYP 5 Personal Project. The Personal Project is a very important project for every student in MYP 5. Everyone needs to create something, and after they finish, they write an essay about it. The topic can be anything, from making a website to creating a brochure on tennis. It’s up to each student to decide and organize their work. I decided to make this website for my grandfather. I chose to do it because my grandfather’s work deserves more attention even outside of the hunting community in Slovakia. I wanted to share his works with more people, either here in Slovakia or even elsewhere in the world. I made the site in a program called Adobe Dreamweaver. It is quite difficult to make a website in this program especially for a beginner. It took some time and effort to get familiar with the program.  After I learned how to work in the program, the going was pretty straightforward.

©Ondrej Bilčík 2009